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Hello, I'm Emil Drud.Currently, I'm pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Business Creation, Innovation, and Leadership at the Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences. I'm also a certified audio engineer and music producer.My academic and professional journey is fueled by a passion for learning and teaching, which complements my multidisciplinary creative skill set. This encompasses expertise in audio and visual design, media and communications, marketing, team leadership, design thinking, problem-solving, and agile methodologies. My deep interest in design, art, and creativity, paired with a continuous pursuit of efficiency, has driven me to innovate and lead effectively across diverse projects. These interests not only shape my approach to projects but also inspire me to explore new ways to blend creativity with effectiveness in the dynamic fields of business and technology.


Here, I'll share my latest discoveries and favorite reads, covering a diverse range of intriguing topics.Here are just some of my personal favorites:


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Design & Creativity Consultation

Design & Creativity consultation in teams or personal. Finding new and valuable paths on a practical and aethestic level.

Design Thinking & Innovation

Analysing the core issue, apply straightforward reasoning, and develop innovative solutions through design thinking.

Podcast & Audio Consultation

Applicable audio knowledge, distribution and marketing.

Marketing & Branding Consultation

Working on unique perspective on marketing though understanding of customer segments and markets. Holistically building a branding fitting by both combining marketing & design perspectice.

Agile project management

Applying agile project management or help transforming organizations. Certified ScrumMaster® & Certified Product Owner® by Scrum Alliance.


The "Creative odyssey" podcast

A Podcast by me, dedicated to Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Personal Growth.


I occasionally publish articles and newsletters regularly on substack

I occasionally publish articles on Medium


Got big dreams and entrepreneurial ambitions? Let's turn them into reality. With a unique blend of creativity, innovation, and leadership, I'm here to help you transform your ideas into actionable strategies. Explore the site to see how we can work together, and don't hesitate to reach out. Your success is more than a mission; it's a shared journey. Let's make things happen.

Emil Drud
An der Allee 35
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